Dental Finance provides a simple and affordable way to pay for all types of dental treatment

Option 1 we offer a range of 0% interest over 12 months on some services
Option 2 low-interest funding over one to five year enabling you to arrange the SMILE you want now at a cost to suit your pocket

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Denplan Essentials

Helps you spread the cost of your regular preventative care and encourages you to keep your teeth in great condition to avoid and surprises

Fee Code A B C
Monthly Fee £9.02 £15.35 £22.63

Denplan Care

A really easy way to spread the cost of your routine treatment into monthly payments, reducing the chance of receiving an unexpected dental bills. This plan will cover your regular check-ups and hygiene visits with the dental team, as well as any restorative treatment you may need.

Fee Code A B C D E
Monthly Fee £18.38 £25.35 £32.93 £44.31 £53.15

NHS Bands

Band One Band Two Band Three Urgent
£23.80 £65.20 £282.80 £23.80

Fees Guide

At St Andrews Dental, we are proud of the quality of dentistry we offer and the outstanding customer service we offer. The fees represent the high standards to which we work to every day – our patients know that we offer good value, with excellent results that they are happy to pay for.

We will always discuss your treatment options with you, enabling you to choose the treatment best suited to you and your needs and will always give you a written quote.

Prices below are indicative.

Description Appointment type Private Prices from:
Exams New Patient Consultation (child)
Patient consultation (existing patients)

Specialist/Implant consultation

£70.00 (£20.00)
X-rays Small per x-ray
Panoral 2DCne Bean CT 3D
Hygiene Hygienist
Air prophy (Stain removal)
Fillings Amalgams
Root fillings Single root teeth
Two rooted teeth
Molar teeth
Extraction Simple exraction
Emergency extraction
Surgical extraction
Tooth Whitening Whitening £390.00
Crowns/Bridges/Veneers per unit Porcelain bonded
Emax crown
Full gold
Bridges per unit
Dentures Denture single arch
Premium dentures single arch
Chrome dentures
Urgent/Emergency care Emergency appointment £40.00
Orthodontices / Invisalign Consultation
Fixed Braces
Implants Impressions, study models & surgical guide
Single Premium implant
Bone grafting
Sinus Lift